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A Journey Back To Self.
Ayurventures is pleased to offer ultimate wellness escapes for creative + professional women to destinations around the world.

Ayur = “Life” or “Vital Power.”
Ventures = “Daring journey or undertaking.”

When women are able to take charge of their own health, they are in a stronger position to help their loved ones. With more purpose, confidence, and tools, these women can share their newfound wisdom with their children, best friends, and loved ones.

The goal of Ayurventures brand is to encourage women to authentically: Be themselves, show themselves, and care for themselves in a way that is empowering as well as free from guilt or shame. We hope to inspire women to leave the comforts of their home and do more of what makes them happy and free.

We bring women together to deepen self-love and ignite their purpose, breaking molds of competition, and replacing them with sisterhood and connectedness.


Embrace. Embody. Remember.

“The Greatest Wealth is Health”

Discover Chiang Mai

We invite you to join our flagship transformational women’s embodiment retreat experience in Northern Thailand. You will leave with your heart warmed, your body aligned, and your spirit lifted.
Chiang Mai is not only the culture capital of Thailand, but it is filled with the gifts that help our souls: sunshine, smiling natives, delicious food, pristine nature, and a peaceful atmosphere. Around every corner there is a beautiful temple and seeing monks in saffron robes on the streets is a common occurrence. If you want to learn about Thai culture and history, Chiang Mai is the place to discover all the magic of South East Asia.


A look inside the retreat

Every aspect of the retreat is Thai-infused and luxurious ~the cuisine, the bedding, the villa grounds, the sparkling pools, the VIP hospitality. Everything you need is either waiting for you, or just a question away. Your comfort and well-being is taken care of the entire stay from when you step off the plane in Chiang Mai to being guided to your departure gate on the last day.

Your Guide

Meet Lauren. She has mastered the art of slowing down and finding “stillness in motion” after living in the rat race of the western world.

Lauren Boiros

After spending the majority of her time spent inside Vegas casinos, and 4 years acting in Hollywood, she answered her friends invitation and took a one way ticket to northern Thailand with her dog. Onwards and upwards-that was 5 years ago. 

“I turned a complete 180 with my life on this planet.

From growing up in the fast lane to pushing the brakes on my life. From Vegas and Hollywood to shaving my head in a monastery, meditating with forest monks, teaching kindergarten, and learning healing modalities.

I see now I was seeking inner peace. And it has found me.”

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